All the wares are made and decorated by hand from a high quality porcelain clay and fired to 1300 degrees Celsius producing extremely durable tableware which is suitable for the most rigorous every day and commercial use. Each piece is oven proof and dishwasher and microwave safe.

Over the last few years, the demand for Malcolm’s tableware has increased dramatically. It is currently being used in a number of top restaurants and hotels throughout Australia including Southern Ocean Lodge, Longitude 131, Capella Lodge, Park Hyatt Hotel, The Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Monopole, Yellow, Masuya Group, Single Origin Roasters, Patricia’s Coffee Brewers, Aqua Dining, Ormeggio, Bennelong, Bathers Pavilion, Nomad, Firedoor, Rengaya and Artemis (Singapore). His tableware is regularly featured in gourmet and homewares magazines such as Vogue Entertaining, Gourmet Traveller and Vogue Living, as well as many cookbooks.

Teapots and Accessories

To highlight the quality and function of Malcolm’s teapots, it may be easier to quote from the Sydney Morning Herald’s recent online article (19th August, 2008) regarding teapot design:

“…Greenwood grew up in a family of tea drinkers and discovered the soothing habit when he was five or six years old. Despite his perfectionist approach to design, he does not believe his pots make a better cup of tea."

“It’s not better, it’s just different,” he said.

Journal of Australian Ceramics editor Vicky Grima disagrees. She believes Greenwood’s teapots are the best in the country.

“Looking at them again now, they really are very good,” she says. “You look at the angle of the spout and the shape of the pot itself…they work and they are designed to be used…”
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