Making a living from your ceramics

Malcolm Greenwood regularly conducts workshops/demonstrations providing participants the opportunity to learn and absorb some of the skills and experience Malcolm has gained in 37 years of working with clay. A journey which began by studying with Japanese master potter Makoto Yabe and continues today with Malcolm making his living entirely from selling his work.

Malcolm will share, not only the basic skills of making pots, the blending of production of his tableware and the creation of his exhibition work, but also his experiences marketing and making a living from his work over the last 20 odd years.

Workshops can cover all or some of the following: tool making, slab making, press moulding, production throwing and trimming, throwing larger forms and making some of his exhibition work. Workshops can be either participatory or entirely a demonstration. They can be designed around a specific themes or focus on particular techniques.
Malcolm usually conducts the workshops endeavoring to show the daily rhythm of production in his workshop.

For more information please contact Malcolm at
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