Malcolm Greenwood Ceramics

Much of Malcolm’s time is now dedicated to producing custom designed and made tableware to hotels, restaurants and cafes throughout Australia, including Southern Ocean Lodge, Longitude 131, Capella Lodge, Park Hyatt Hotel, The Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Monopole, Yellow, Masuya Group, Single Origin Roasters, Patricia’s Coffee Brewers, Aqua Dining, Ormeggio, Bennelong, Bathers Pavilion, Nomad, Firedoor, Rengaya and Artemis (Singapore)

Malcolm Greenwood’s work has been featured in most of Australia’s leading design and style magazines, food magazines and in the books of several of Australia’s leading chefs.

This extensive production work not only serves as Malcolm’s income source, but equally importantly, allows him to continually develop his ceramic skills and knowledge, which are then directed at the creation of his exhibition work. There is a constant `to and fro’ of techniques and ideas between Malcolm’s production and exhibition work.

His work is sublimely simple, showcasing classic shapes and innovative glazes. As a result of Malcolm’s travels and various experiences, his work represents influences from both East and West.

All his pieces are highly sought-after by Sydney’s leading stylists and collectors.
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